Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Virginia Computer Crimes


In Virginia, computer crimes are codified under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act.  Some Virginia computer crimes include:

  • SPAM/ Unsolicited or bulk electronic mail - In Virginia, criminal transmission of SPAM email occurs when someone uses a computer to forge email transmission information or distributes  software primarily for that purpose.

  • Computer Trespass- In Virginia, computer trespass is unauthorized use of a computer or computer network to remove data or computer software, alter or erase data or software, transfer funds, or make an unauthorized copy of data or software.

  • Computer Invasion of Privacy

  • Computer Fraud - In Virginia, computer fraud is using a computer without authority to obtain property or services by false pretenses, embezzle or commit larceny.

  • Computer Embezzlement

  • Theft of Computer Services

  • Use of a Computer as an Instrument of Forgery.

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