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Computer Engineer / Internet Lawyer / Technology Expert ... High Tech Crimes Require the Expertise of a High-Tech Attorney.... A computer crime defense lawyer with our firm is an aggressive Internet crime defense litigator and a computer technical expert.  With criminal prosecution expertise, IT experience, Computer Engineering background, our computer crime defense and Internet law firm counts with unique capabilities.

Based on our research, Domingo J. Rivera is the only Internet crime defense attorney in Virginia with a professional degree in Computer Engineering, experience as a military officer, and knowledge of computer forensics.

Accused of a computer crime, Internet crime, or cyber crime in Virginia?
We are experts in Computer Crime Defense...

Whether you are accused of:

  • Criminal computer hacking, or computer unauthorized access - A cyber crime defense lawyer with our firm can provide you with expert defense against charges of hacking, unauthorized access or violations of the Computer Trespassing and Computer Fraud statutes.

  • Computer solicitation of a minor over the Internet - Most states, including Virginia, have created federally funded computer cyber crime units that specialize in posing as minors on Internet chat rooms.  A cyber crime defense lawyer with our firm is an aggressive computer crime defense lawyer who can provide you with expert legal assistant when your freedom is on the line

  • Internet identity theft and aggravated identity theft - If you are accused of the cyber crime of Identity Theft, aggravated identity theft, trafficking access devices, stolen credit cards, or social security numbers, an Identity theft cyber crime defense attorney from our firm can provide you with expert computer crime expertise.

  • Internet violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Access Device Fraud, and Trafficking in Passwords -  An Internet cyber crime attorney with our firm is an expert in interpreting and applying the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

  • Internet violation of the Virginia Computer crime statutes - Virginia is a pioneer State in the development of technology. Virginia also have some of the toughest cyber crime statutes.  A computer crime defense lawyer practicing in Virginia must have the required legal know-how and technical expertise to provide a competent cyber crime defense.

  • Virginia computer trespass under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act - Virginia computer trespass is a serious cyber crime.  Even acts that may be innocent in nature may cause prosecution for making a computer "malfunction."  A cyber crime defense lawyer from our firm understands all the elements and the strategy required to provide you with a competent defense.

  • Virginia computer fraud under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act -  Virginia computer fraud is the Internet age crime of obtaining property by false pretenses.  Our computer crime defense attorneys are expert in defending you against this an all cyber crimes.

  • Unauthorized transmission of bulk or unsolicited email (SPAM) under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act - Many business and individuals operating on the Internet send commercial email that may not fully comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.  If you are facing computer crime charges stemming from sending bulk mail, a cyber crime defense  lawyer with our firm can provide you with the required expertise to protect your freedom.

  • Theft of computer services under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act - Is using your neighbor's wireless Internet signal a crime?  A cybercrime defense lawyer with our firm can provide you with expert compter crime law advice and cyber crime defense.

  • Computer embezzlement under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act - An unauthorized download of computer software is a cyber crime that may carry up to 20 years in prison! A cyber crime defense attorney from our firm can aggressively ensure that your rights and freedom are defended.

  • Computer as an instrument of forgery under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act - A teenager who uses his computer to create a fake driver's license to be able to buy a drink can be accused of a serious cyber felony.  The expert assistance of a cyber crime defense lawyer who is also a technology expert can ensure that no doors are left unopened when your freedom is at stake.

  • Possession of Internet child pornography - A person caught with innocent baby pictures may be convicted of a felony and required to register as a sex offender.  A computer crime defense lawyer with our firm can assist you to protect your rights and reputation... your freedom and ability to find suitable housing and employment are at stake.

  • Criminal computer invasion of privacy under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act - Checking your cheating spouse's bank account records online can land you a jail sentence!  The assistance of a competent cyber crime defense attorney is critical to properly defend you against this Internet crime accusations.

  • Cyber stalking - The wrong email sent at the wrong time can lead to cyber crime accusations.  Overly sensitive people in cyber space can cause you to be facing a jury in defense of your freedom.  Our computer crime defense attorneys can provide you with expert cyber crime defense.

  • Criminal Copyright Infringement - An improperly channeled entrepreneurial spirit could cost you... downloading, sharing, or selling songs, movies, software, documents, or other files may cost you a Federal prison sentence.  We can assist you with our unique expertise in Computer forensics and technology.

  • Any other Virginia computer or cyber crime

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If your computer crime defense lawyer is not familiar with technology, computer forensics, and the Internet you are already at a severe disadvantage! If you are accused of a cybercrime in Virginia, you are better served with expert computer crime, cyber crime, and Virginia Internet crime legal representation!

Domingo J. Rivera is the only cyber crime defense lawyer in Virginia who has a background in Computer Engineering, MBA, and experience with critical projects with the U.S. Department of Defense and a wealth of knowledge in computer forensics.  He has also tried hundreds of civil and criminal cases and has highly polished and current practical courtroom skills.

As a Computer Engineer, Domingo J. Rivera can analyze your Virginia computer and cyber crime case in a unique manner.  The Commonwealth of Virginia and the Federal prosecutors in Virginia count with technical experts to assist with the prosecution of Virginia computer crimes.... how will you fight back?  Can your criminal defense attorney even understand the computer lingo?  Can your attorney effectively explain technology matters to a judge who probably does not have a computer background himself.  The Court needs to be educated before it can be persuaded.  Can your Virginia criminal defense lawyer explain what he may not understand? If not, you better pray for mercy from the prosecutor or the judge... and hope you get it.

When you need the expertise of a Virginia computer and cyber crime defense attorney who understands the computer forensic methods employed by law enforcement, you can enlist our technological expertise.  We understand not only the Internet and computer applications, but also have experience in computer forensics and analysis of electronic evidence. Not many cyber crime defense law firms can offer you attorneys with technical degrees and experience in Computer Engineering as well as hundreds of successful criminal trials.

Our aggressive Internet and computer cyber crime defense attorneys have unique qualifications and expertise and can handle all Virginia computer cybercrime issues.

If you are accused of a cybercrime, a Virginia computer crime, or a Virginia Internet crime, we are the experts that can defend you and protect your rights.

Your freedom depends on it!

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When you need the assistance of a Virginia computer crime defense lawyer, Internet crime lawyer, cyber crime defense attorney, computer fraud defense attorney, computer trespass defense lawyer, SPAM email defense attorney, aggravated identity theft defense, Virginia Internet crime defense lawyer, or a cybercrime law expert, a Virginia computer cyber crime defense lawyer with our firm can assist.  We handle computer crime cases throughout Virginia including without limitation Fairfax County, Henrico County, Richmond City, Chesterfield County, Hanover County, Petersburg County, Prince William County, Hopewell, Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Quantico, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Amelia, Powhatan, Goochland, Louisa, Manassas, Woodbridge, Charles City, James City, Gloucester, Portsmouth, Shenandoah, Prince George, Sussex, New Kent, West End of Richmond, Glen Allen, Federal Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond, Alexandria, Norfolk, and Newport News Divisions).

Contact a Virginia computer cybercrime defense attorney.

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