Tuesday, April 13, 2010

VA Cybercrime Issues


Our Virginia Internet Crime Defense Lawyers assist clients with Virginia Computer Crimes law and Cyber Crime.  In our daily Virginia Computer Crime Defense Lawyer practice, we protect our client's rights and freedom from Virginia Cyber Crime accusations.  Some examples are listed below, other computer crime cases are listed here:

  • Individual accused of selling counterfeit medications over the Internet.  The assistance of a Virginia computer crime defense attorney is essential to protecting the individual's freedom.

  • E-Commerce website operator  faces charges  of Internet criminal copyright infringement.  A Virginia cyber crime defense attorney  intervenes to protect the website operator's freedom.

  • College student is accused of computer hacking, violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, computer trespass, computer fraud, and a long list of other computer crimes.  A Virginia Cybercrime defense lawyer intervenes to clear up these computer crime accusations and allow the young man to continue his promising IT career.

  • An individual faces computer trespass and hacking/unauthorized access accusations after retrieving emails from his unfaithful spouse's email account.  Prompt assistance from a Virginia computer crimes defense attorney is critical.

  • Individual charged with felony transmission of unsolicited bulk email (SPAM).  The intervention of a Virginia SPAM computer crime defense attorney is necessary.

  • Our client is arrested for obstruction of justice charges after being the victim of identity theft.  The crimes were committed by the identity thief.  A Virginia computer crime defense attorney with our firm intervenes to clear our client's reputation which was affected as a result of the cyber crime of Identity Theft.

  • Our client is accused of eight counts Internet solicitation of a minor related to an undercover sting operation where a police office played the role of a teenage girl in an Internet chat room.

  • High profile government executive with a high level security clearance is arrested for receipt, possession, and distribution of child pornography.  A computer crime defense attorney must manage the defense to prevent the Internet child pornography accusations from ruining his life.

  • Our client is accused of violations of  § 18.2-374.3 (Use of communications systems to facilitate certain offenses involving children).

  • Our client is accused of running an illegal business on the Internet and of related tax evation.

When you need the assistance of a Virginia computer crime defense lawyer, cyber crime defense attorney, computer fraud defense attorney, computer trespass defense lawyer, SPAM email defense attorney, Virginia Internet crime defense lawyer, or a cybercrime law attorney, a Virginia computer cyber crime defense lawyer with our firm can assist.

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